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Fundix Cookwares

Fundix: Easier Cooking Everyday

Fundix stovetop cookware from Spain is made from durable, non-warping cast aluminium, ensuring quick and perfect cooking results every use. Fundix cookware delivers premium energy efficiency and is suitable for induction and all other cooking surfaces.

Fundix features a high quality non-stick coating Skandia® PFOA FREE, ensures a long lasting life and performance of Fundix cookware. An engineered design of the shapes and thickness of each individual piece, along with a patented Integral System Induction Base/Diffuser gives Fundix cookware superior energy efficiency and provides faster and totally uniform cooking of foods.

Fundix wide range assortment includes Fry Pans, Grill Pans, Griddles and Saucepans, Saucepots, Flat Tray Pans and Paella Pans. With detachable handles, glass lids and an ecologically-safe, non-stick surface coating, you can rely on Fundix to make every day cooking easier with guaranteed long-life and lasting performance.

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